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If you explore inside yourself you will find the answers you have been searching for.

Current Situation

It has been more than 6 weeks since the UK has been on lock-down due to the COVID 19, I am working from home and I am totally cut off from the physical work, other than the occasional daily walk around the block. I have daily video calls at work and I now take part in online yoga and HIT Workouts.

No cafes, no pubs, no gyms, no public transport, I am not able to see my family or my friends. Most of my life has instantly changed. Everyone is talking about wanting to go outside, my family is getting restless, parents wanting kids to go back to school, Parents wanting to go back to the office, people are missing running, cycling, the gym, the beach, the parks.

I have the feeling that I am in prison.I only have 3 options;

  1. Complain to everyone about how much you want things to go back to normal.

  2. Fight with loved ones and target other people with your frustration that you have been made to change against your will.

  3. Forget about the outside and use this time for introspection.

Exploring the inside

Being English, the best thing we do is to ignore our emotions and just get on with life. But when life stops we are left with our emotions. So what do we do in this response?

  1. Pretend we are on holiday, “we don't need to be in the office” let's have a bottle of wine or some beers, and it's only Wednesday”

  2. 3 weeks later, drinking every day and eating our favourite food is becoming a little boring.

  3. I have been talking to everyone about the Virus for the past 5 weeks, everyone asking how each other is, what have you been up to?

  4. Reality is starting to set in, I have done the same thing for weeks, and I am not ok, I am mad, anxious, frustrated, upset, worried, confused, hungover and tired.

  5. Why do I feel all of these negative emotions, when for the past 7 weeks I have had time to be alone with myself and focus on ME.

  6. I am starting to realise I have been so busy working for other people, meeting with other people, talking about other people, making excuses about why I am not happy.

Ok ok, that's It, starting on Monday I am going to get a hold of my life and listen to my body, my thoughts, and my emotions.

Tips & Tricks

The key to finding balance is to work with your body and your mind and to focus on yourself for a change!! How you manage your time is the key to everything in life so these tips and tricks will cross between body, mind and time.



We hold mental stress in our body and we hold onto energy as tension. it's vital to stretch your body to release tension from the body and from the mind.


Take this time to rest when you have the opportunity. Stop and listen to yourself.

Balance your diet

There have been food shortages, delays, inconveniences, no fast food, no cafes, no restaurants. But in my experience, there has been no shortage of fresh raw materials, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, grains, dairy, etc. Also, don't forget to stay hydrated to stay healthy. We are organisms made of water.


Positive affirmations

Start the day with some positive affirmations, pay at least 1 person a compliment per day, try to be aware of the language you use. You would be surprised how many people subconsciously limit themselves.

Take some time to listen to your thoughts, your breath, and to listen to what other people have to say. The only way we learn is by listening to others.

Create a plan for your days, your weeks, your months, or even your years. If you are a person who wants to achieve something specific in life, you will increase your chances by creating a plan to follow. Be specific, plan using benchmarking and targets.



It's very easy to let life pass before your eyes, it's important to plan for the future, respect the past, and to live in the present. Create some time to focus on the present every day. Start a journal, book time in your work calendar for time to focus on you. It's too easy to allow other people to give you tasks, make sure you create time for yourself every day.

Commit to yourself

Making the decision to commit to your dream may feel like the hardest decision of your life, but it should be the easiest. Most of us have low confidence and don't believe in ourselves, which unfortunately comes from years of negative thinking or even people directing negative thoughts to you since childhood. But the good news is that YOU CAN BREAK IT. You have the ability to change your life every second that goes by. It's scary how easy it is to make changes in your life. Making the decision that leads to your dream life may feel hard but you should have faith and take action.


Even when we are in isolation we have the ability to help others somehow for a cause which is not yours. Volunteering, charitable donations, mentor someone for free. The feeling of helping others is something that can bring fulfillment to your life.

These are tried and tested tips that have been passed down to us through generations. We are all so busy rushing around we forget to respect the critical elements that we need to be balanced.

Please share with us (and the world) what do you do to progress yourself and contribute to the world! For more details into Time, Body and Mind see specific articles later in the blog.

Stay safe, stay yourself!

Warm Regards,

Breakthrough Resources

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