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Understanding our children can be a difficult task since, during their childhood and adolescence, they often have a very different way of thinking than adults. Therefore, parents need to connect with the emotional needs of their children to understand them when they are nervous, sad, worried, happy, etc. In addition, we must remember that these children have a whole life ahead of them, and they deserve to live it happily.

Therefore, it is important to build an environment for them to accomplish that, and when your child can feel that understanding, it creates a connection between parent and child. Here are some keys that can help you to understand better your children from childhood to adolescence and beyond.

Children Grow, Change, Evolve

Like everything and everyone around us, children are also growing up, having changes in their minds and bodies, making them think and analyze things more and more. Likewise, their curiosity is growing and we must be prepared to support them firmly during each stage of their growth.

As a child enters adolescence there are usually some difficulties. Sometimes the child's independence, authority challenge stage, sleeping or eating difficulties increase, and so on between each stage of the child's development. Between the different stages of your child's growth, you must be very patient, and loving in your reactions. Use tools such as humour and give them several options, but always remain firm.

Build a Family Environment Where Everyone Feels Free To Express Themselves

Creating and maintaining a family environment where all family members can share their feelings freely is very positive. In addition, many channels can be used to achieve this, communication, activities such as cooking, writing, painting, music culture, etc. Allowing everyone to express themselves in whatever way they see fit helps to increase and improve the connection with the children.

The family environment may also generate inappropriate behaviour in children. A lack of toys may lead to aggression in the child or to envy. Even if your child lives with many children in the same environment, this can also lead to inappropriate behaviours. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the behaviours that your child can adopt at home or in the spaces where he lives and analyse all aspects from the child's point of view.

Establish Creative Routines for Greater Communication between You and Your Child

Many times our children tend to close down and not express what they feel. Sometimes they are sad, and we don't know why they are sad. It is important to care for our children in every way possible, especially emotionally. You may find that your child needs more attention and affection, and when this happens, you need to find a way to give them what they need, rather than rejecting them or denying them what they need.

Check Our Weekly Plans to Improve Care and Understanding With Your Child

There may be many magazines and online posts where you can find some strategies to improve your relationship with your child. We also have different weekly plans that can help you better understand your child. We provide you with strategies and tools for the various stages of your child's life so that you can improve your relationship with them.

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