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For several years now, there has been a tool that has allowed many people to improve and be better than they were a while ago. We are talking about Coaching, a discipline that many people apply to their life to improve one or several senses of it. However, many also confuse it with therapy, and it is necessary to clarify that there is a big difference between these two terms.


Psychological therapy is a discipline used by psychologists and other specialists in order to create stability in a person for healing. A therapist or psychologist has the ability to diagnose what is wrong with a person based on the person's past, experiences, and even trauma or illness.

To achieve a patient's healing, the therapist establishes a plan of action, for which he is solely responsible. These sessions require full trust between the patient and the specialist so that by executing the action, healing and stability can be achieved in a satisfactory manner.

Therapy seeks to change the way a person has an interpersonal relationship, their communication, their behaviour, or any other aspect that relates to mental health. It is an insight-action process, in which the client's past is studied, and then what is necessary to cure is executed.


On the other hand, coaching is understood as the process that a healthy and stable person goes through to achieve one or more objectives. It promotes the growth of a person, the search for what he or she is passionate about. A coach's diagnosis is always focused on the positive, on the achievement the person is looking for, and it is the client's responsibility to follow the coach's recommendations,

Unlike therapy, coaching is based on the future of the person, on what you want to achieve. The coach executes action plans and then models them according to the results obtained.

In this way we can clearly see the difference between both; a coach can only help a person who is healthy and stable, while the therapist is responsible for healing and stabilizing the mental health of the patient.

Coaching VS Therapy

As we have seen, the ends and purposes of these two treatments are very different. In addition, in a coaching session, the trainer must start in the same position as the patient, only the patient has the necessary strategies to grow in different aspects and achieve what he or she wants. What a coach looks for in a person is that they have better awareness, stimulate their creativity, motivation, empowerment, etc.

On the other hand, in psychological therapy, the specialist must always maintain a position superior to that of the patient, in which he or she is dedicated to making an insight-action diagnosis by studying the person's past and then proceeding to the healing and mental stability process.

In case you have been receiving any kind of treatment related to this, you are under medical treatment, or in some traumatic situation, we may not be able to help you.

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