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After a certain stage in our lives, we usually establish daily routines in which we can spend many years living in the same way. Many of these routines are usually boring or repetitive, so much so that the years go by and we don't realize that we are losing our youth and the rest of our time in this world.

But life is not something that we should take too seriously, although yes, many of us have bills to pay, maybe take care of children, maintain a home, deal with annoying people around us, etc. So we need to add something to our lives that will allow us to be a little distracted from those disturbances and make us see life in a more fun way.

Gamification is a term that companies are making known, which establishes the application of games and entertainment used at work with the purpose of achieving objectives. It is the process of using thoughts and game mechanics to solve everyday problems and create more commitment in people. This can be applied to the dynamics of work, children's school, or any other aspect of our lives. It is about relating our daily routines to games that motivate the performance of different activities.

Gamifying' A Person's Life

To better explain how gamification works, let's look at a common example. The tandem Foursquare-Swarm is an application for Smartphones that allows the user to choose places to visit, to eat, to drink the best coffee in the neighbourhood, etc. This application also serves to recommend those sites to other people, and when other people go to the site for reference, the user receives stickers and medals that he accumulates.

In all our life we always have something to do daily. Achieving a result right after performing some task can give us a little satisfaction; when we are thanked for having done something successfully it gives us some joy. But many times, these activities are so common and normal in our lives that there is a point when we no longer feel that satisfaction.

By using self-gamification in our daily lives, it allows us to do different activities with another perspective, another motivation. Knowing the exact reason for which we carry out some activity, knowing the meaning of our acts is something that can really motivate us to lead a more entertaining life.

Every person who has ever played in life can understand how fun and satisfying it can be to strive and focus on a task to achieve a goal. And also, the satisfaction that you feel once that goal is achieved. Whether it's playing a sport, playing a video game, or answering a question correctly, we are all satisfied and have fun at the same time.

Therefore, gamifying our daily life in games, prizes, medals, and other types of rewards maybe it is what we need to spice up our lives. We should not take life so seriously.

Let's show that we are different, fun, and motivated by applying different games and achievements in our daily activities.

Stay yourself!

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