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Many times we tend to interpret certainty as an illusion, because there may be few things that are really true in life. However, certainty is what often helps us to comfort ourselves and to believe that something can really happen. Therefore, we must know how to establish a balance between passion and certainty in order to make success possible.

There are many people who say that the only certain thing in life is death. But now, let's look at an example to discover that this is not the only thing we believe to be true. Imagine that you board a ship without the certainty of reaching your destination in one piece, would you be able to do it? Whether on a ship or on a plane, it is clear that reaching your destination in one piece is not 100% certain, but thousands of people sail and fly every day. If the odds and certainty of a ship arriving at its destination in one piece are too high, then, like most people, you will board the ship, even if you are not 100% sure, because you want to get to your destination.

Many times we make decisions based on certainty and believing that our actions will lead to the results we desire. And that is good, but we must never forget that challenges are also needed in our lives in order to fulfil our feelings of excitement and triumph.

The greater the level of security or confidence we need when taking action, the greater our fear of failure will be, and the more we will do. Why do we have such a hard time making a decision if we're not sure we're going to make it as if it's bad to fail? Although many think otherwise, what prevents us from taking action is not the fear of failure in ourselves, but what our friends, family, and even ourselves may think.

That is why it is important to take a moment to review our decisions, to know if we are being only accurate or also passionate. You can reflect by thinking about what might happen if you make the opposite decision, how it might have changed your life. Ask yourself what you would do differently today if you were certain you would never fail. You can take paper and pencil and write down what you think.

Chances are all the things you write on the paper are the things you think you are passionate about, but you only do them for fear of failure, for certainty or the "possibility" of damaging your reputation and feeling ridiculed. A person who is truly passionate is willing to take the risk of failure in the pursuit of their goals and dreams. If the passion you feel for something is less than the level of failure you feel, then you will be moving further and further away from achieving your dreams.

Also, something you may not know is that failure and uncertainty is part of success. All people who achieve success have failed many times before they achieve it. That's why it's important to be passionate about what you really want and to give it your all without fearing failure, or what others will say about you. When you are passionate your level of certainty increases and motivates you to keep fighting for your dreams, that’s the balance you must look for.

Having a coach can help you understand yourself and make the right choices to achieve your targets quicker and smoother. If you would like to contact us, our doors are always open :) .

Stay yourself!

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