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Master your time to be hours away from success.

As professionals, husbands, wives, parents and friends, we often hear some common language used with regards to time. “ I don't have time”, “how much time will it take?”, “What time will you be finished?”, “how long will it take to deliver this project?”. All the above are examples of people trying to understand time.

The use of time within communication can provide valuable insights. How humans use time can provide different results within a career, relationships, family, finances and


How do you use your time? Can you answer that question easily?

Do your goals and intentions match up with how you are spending your time?

Regardless of your age, position in society, your gender or your nationality, you are an ongoing result of how you spend your time.

What a simple yet miraculous thought!



It's very easy to let life pass before your eyes. It is important to plan for the future, respect the past, and to live in the present. Create some time to focus on the present every day. Start a journal, book time in your work calendar for time to focus on you. It's too easy to allow other people to give you tasks, make sure you create time for yourself every day.

Commit to yourself

Making the decision to commit to yourself may feel like the hardest decision of your life, but it should be the easiest. Most of us have low confidence and don't believe in ourselves, which unfortunately comes from years of negative thinking or even people directing negative comments to you since childhood. But the good news is that YOU CAN BREAK IT. You have the ability to change your life every second that goes by. It's scary how easy it is to make changes in your life. Making the decision that leads to your dream life may feel hard but you should take the first step.


We all have the ability to help others: volunteering, charitable donations, mentor someone for free... The feeling of helping others is an action that can bring fulfilment to your life. One item I will add here is a job, working for someone else. Many people go to work for money or to progress their own career. But remember, behind every job, there is a business owned by people. You should feel proud of yourself for giving your time to help someone achieve their dream.


I would always suggest that you not only mentor others but you seek a mentor or even a few mentors. Many people are honoured to mentor people if asked, having a role model or someone to be your “mirror” is a step to finding balance in many aspects of life.


Join a community, have regular video calls with friends, join a club, join an online event, play online games with others, study a course, or attend a live webinar. Regardless of social distancing, you can connect via social media to anyone in the world.



Take a minute to fill in the chart below to understand how you spend your days. If you would like to fill in the data-driven version please download the excel file below.

(Replace the orange numbers to the hours you spend on the different categories laid out. The spreadsheet and pie chart will automatically change depending on the data you introduce)

Breakthrough Resources - Explore your li
Download • 17KB


Take a look at the % of time you spent on the areas of your life (pie chart)

If you imagine growing a garden, you would buy specific kind of seeds depending on the garden design you would like. The task above may seem obvious to some but in my experience, when you see the numbers and type of “seeds you are sewing in the garden” you should have no reason to be shocked at the garden you have to show in your life.

Breakthrough resources will help you devise a plan on how to design your garden and then also provide you with the tools, the resources, the support and most importantly the blueprints towards achieving a garden which you are proud of, which fills you with joy and abundance.

Warm regards,

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