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Life is the biggest, most important project you have, why don't you treat it as such?

Let's say you just arrived at work, and you are ready to start your day. Probably you will grab yourself a drink (coffee, tea, water, juice...), maybe engage in a chit-chat with a colleague and then,  sit down at your desk. By this point, you know exactly what you need to work on today because a task or various tasks have been agreed and assigned to you, now you are already working towards a scheduled deadline. You feel confident because;

1) It has been planned in advanced.

2) You know exactly what you need to do.

3) You have set up milestones to check the progress.

4) The deadline date has been agreed so you will be ready to deliver on time.

What would happen if you don't prepare in advance? And if you didn't set any milestones? The chances of failing would increase exponentially. 

Another example could be...

Your doctor's report highlights that your cholesterol has increased during the past year. What would you do if you want to stay healthy? You would probably follow these steps:

1 )Conduct research around nutrition to effectively lower levels of cholesterol. 

2) Once you have gathered enough information you will plan a strategy.

3) Start applying the strategy every day.

4) You make it a habit.

5) Go back to the doctor after a period of time to check if your strategy has worked.

In summary, to achieve your target, you need a specific goal, break down the goal into micro-goals that can be achieved during a period of time and set milestones to monitor progress.

Now, the question is, why wouldn't you manage your life the same way to achieve your personal goals?

The Kaizen approach is easy to implement, very effective and adaptable to any situation.

KAIZEN: "The practice of continuous improvement"

The kaizen method, known as a very effective management business method to increase efficiency, productivity, quality and collaboration among employees. The good news is that it can be easily transformed into a self-development strategy.

If you want a  life of continuous improvement without disturbing your current schedule because we all know you are a very busy person, the Kaizen approach is for you. Kaizen believes that every positive step counts. Sometimes goals are too far ahead and it is very easy to feel demotivated with time and that is why the Kaizen approach explains that we should focus on the plan to achieve our target, instead of solely focussing on the end goal. By planning a strategy or a system made of very small positive changes which do not disturb our current life, psychologically, we will be able to easily integrate new improvements in our life.

Improving every day will get you closer to the version of yourself you want to become. 


Let's practice this approach together:

1) Think about something – it doesn't need to be a huge target - that you would like to achieve. Be realistic because otherwise you will feel demotivated when the goal feels too far to reach.

2) Ask yourself how you could achieve your goal.

3) Think about a list of tasks that can be completed in maximum 5 minutes daily that you could add to your schedule to get closer to your target.

4) Add a deadline to your goal, and more importantly, add some milestones to your strategy to make sure you are on track and readjust if necessary.

5) Always record every time you accomplish your mini task.


By doing this every day you will be closer to what you want without even noticing it!

If you become 1% better every day you are 1% closer to achieving your target!

Stay yourself,

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