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"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."Buddha

Mental Health

In western society, we are currently going through an awakening; we just realised there is a link between the body and the mind. We have a western epidemic ripping through our society, which is being branded as “poor mental health”.

Mental Health is a greatly debated topic and at Breakthrough Resources we acknowledge the symptom of poor mental health, but we believe that the route cause is where the real problem lies.

Our courses, our publications, our coaching, our frameworks and our research is not aimed at mental health. We aim everything towards a multifaceted approach to self-development. We believe that if you follow our guidance, you should experience and improved mental health.

We cannot change society without understanding the root causes of problems at every level.


Below we shall list some specific tips for helping the mind specifically, although in other publications we will explore the connection between the mind, the body and our energetic system.

Learn from others

We are currently living in the age of self-learning, everything you want to learn is found online: music, singing, drawing, degrees, languages, cooking... The mind needs new challenges, so why not start learning something new, and sign up TODAY.


Our mind follows positive and negative patterns, unfortunately, many people work very hard to follow negative habits and routines. If you are an example of this, stop! Start the day with some positive affirmations, pay at least 1 person a compliment per day, try to be aware of the language you use. You would be surprised how many people subconsciously limit themselves.


Take some time to listen to your thoughts, your breath, and to what other people have to say. The only way we learn is by listening to others.


Create a plan for your days, your weeks, your months, or even your years. If you are a person who wants to achieve something specific in life, you will increase your chances by creating a plan to follow. Be specific, plan using benchmarking and targets.


Learning how to control your mind and your thoughts can be achieved through meditation. Allowing thoughts to pass through your mind, listening to your body, learning how to control your breathing. As your progress with meditation, you have a new powerful tool to control your mind and empower your life. A concept born from the east but is not fully integrated into western society.

Practise Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about being aware of the now. Many people live in their head, always thinking about the future and the past, without paying any attention to the current moment in time. The present is life itself. We must learn to live in the present and practising mindfulness is a useful tool for becoming one with the now.

Let's explore...

Ask yourself the following questions;

How aware are you of your current situation?

Are you paying attention to your conversation?

When you eat, are you aware and fully focused on what you are eating?

Are you aware of why you go to work every day?

Do you have negative thoughts?

What is a negative thought?

Can I control my thoughts?

Do I have a 5-year plan?

Do I plan my week?

When was the last time I sat in silence without any distractions?

What was your wife wearing yesterday?

Do you know how to change your breathing pattern?


If you suffer from mental health problems, don't worry, mental health is a sign that you should consider making adjustments in your life. If you continue to force your life down a path which results in poor mental health, the symptom WILL become worse. It's important to listen to your mind and your mental health, as a navigation system that can help you improve your life.

Call us for a free consultation, we can help you today!! We provide a secure, trustworthy, safe zone for you to explore any underlying areas in your life that may be causing poor mental health.

We are here for you.

Breakthrough Resources

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