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'Growth is the only evidence of life', John Henry Newman

Personal growth, as well as any other type of growth, is a process that although it seems simple, is quite painful. However, no one will tell you all that you have to endure in order to not hurt your feelings, but it is important that you understand well all that growth entails. This will allow you to be prepared for all that is to come and will help you to grow and get better every day.

Growing up is something really wonderful. To feel that we are really moving towards where we want or that we are managing to be the person we want to be is a really nice feeling. But whenever we want to do something new in this life, we usually have mixed feelings or emotions that frustrate or hurt us. Personal growth is a process that as well as bringing success and achievement, also brings pain, and as you evolve, you will have to move out of your comfort zone.

However, it is important to recognize and embrace this pain as part of the process and not take it as an obstacle. As you accept the pain and heal it, you will see your comfort zone expand and you will begin to feel greater freedom from possible limitations until you achieve your goals or objectives.

Learn To Recognize Pain and Overcome It

You may have once felt that you are not making progress, and this makes you feel frustrated and even discouraged, but don't worry, you are not the only one to whom this has happened. Besides, no one likes to get stuck, but even though it's not something we look for, sometimes it happens to lose focus for a moment. It's important to recognize that just as personal growth is exciting and satisfying, it's also a process that has a dark side.

Once you discover that dark side, you must learn to recognize and understand your pain. This can help you recognize the areas of life in which you need to grow, be stronger, more flexible, or even develop a new skill that will help you do that which you are not currently able to do.

Discipline, discipline, discipline

During personal growth, you will realise that discipline hurts, drastic changes can be exhausting, many times you will feel misunderstood, and you will be alone several times. However, if you really want to obtain excellent results and enormous rewards, you must be willing to suffer a little, so that later you can feel true happiness, abundance, spiritual well-being, physical and mental health, wealth, and all that personal growth brings. It really is a price worth paying.

Life is a journey you need to be willing to live to really seize your time in this world.

Stay yourself!

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