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Ring ring…

-Hello, Ryan speaking, how can I help you?

-Hi Ryan, is Peter from HR, how are you?

-Hi Peter, I am fine, busy busy, but ok. You?

-Good good. Hey Ryan… I don’t have good news for you. As you know, our business is going through a hard time due to the Covid situation and as a result, we are asking people to be put on furlough following the government advice…

Everyone that has been put on furloughed has lived a similar dialogue to the above. Such a strange blend of emotions start to appear: guilt, sorrow, frustration, fear, relief, concern...Have I done something wrong? Am I so dispensable? Is the business trying to take care of me or are they using this as an excuse to make me redundant? So many questions go unanswered during these unprecedented times. We are totally unaware of how many times we think about the painful questions over and over again getting ourselves fixated on the past and, let’s face it, being furloughed is a status that cannot be changed by the individual; the business has the power to do it. Feeling powerless and worried does not do us any favours, let’s all focus on the actions we can take which will result in us being happier, more relaxed, and probably change our career path!

Take action


To me furloughed means to ‘dust off’ my skills and gifts. It is time for introspection and to help the people around us. “But… I cannot do anything, nobody can do anything…” If you agree with this statement, think again! Tom Moore. If you don’t know who he is, please look for him! He is a 100-year-old man who was not focusing on what he could not do - many people could argue that being so old would diminish his chances of doing much - but focusing on what he COULD DO, and as a result, he has fundraised more than 30M pounds for the NHS. Tom was focusing on contribution and thanks to his positive mental state he made a memorable difference to the United Kingdom, he is a hero!

Focus on growth, Contribution, Health, and Wellness!



Did you love drawing when you were a kid but have never had the chance to get back to it? Now is your chance!

Always wanted to learn a language? Why not now?

Do you have an amazing idea that you have always wanted to develop? Today sounds like the perfect day to start it.

Play an instrument!


Reading out loud for children

Helping children with maths

Recording yourself doing exercise (focus on different ages).

Cook for the elderly or people that have low means…

Set-up conference calls to connect people (communities, families…)

Enlist yourself as a helper.

These are just 1% of the activities you could do. Please share with us (and the world) what do you do to progress yourself and contribute to the world!

Stay safe, stay yourself!

Warm Regards,

Breakthrough Resources

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