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Understanding breathing patterns will empower your life.

Breathing it’s such an organic process to us and a high percentage of the population still haven’t mastered it. What type of effects does breathing have on our perspective on life? Imagine if you were offered a-one-of-chance panacea treatment totally non-invasive, organic, natural and 100% reliable to remove stress, unproductivity, fear…. Would you take it? My wild guess is… yes! Of course you would, why wouldn’t you?

Let's imagine...

  1. Mary is the CEO of the biggest retail company in Australia. He is in charge of 3000 employees only in Melbourne. She has meetings back to back all day long from 8 am-8 pm. Mary is a very confident, determined and a structured woman as well as being a great leader that looks after her employees. Everyone at the company looks up to her, respects her and is loyal to her. Furthermore, she always makes time for her family and her daily yoga practice.

  1. Peter is studying for his calculus exam because he needs a very high mark to get into a good school. He is very determined and has set-up a very fixed schedule that he tries to follow but fails to complete. He misses playing football but he prioritizes studying. His family calls him to eat but he needs to study so he tells his family he will have dinner later. It’s late at night and he is having dinner on his own. He hasn’t finished studying.

Just based on their brief description who do you sense feels more in control, freer and calmer? Who was less afraid? Who is probably feeling fulfilled? How do you think their average heartbeat is? And their breath pace?

Role-Playing Game

Try to play Paul and Mary as character roles for a movie. How would you impersonate Paul? How would you impersonate Mary? What’s their physiology? How do your breathing patterns change from when you feel confident like Mary to when you feel worried like Paul? Do you feel the shortness of breath when you feel stressed?

Confidence, determination, fear, stress… There are all states of mind which can be reversed to a positive state by breathing deeply and steady. The heartbeat is directly linked to your breath which is directly linked to all your organs including the brain.



Be aware of your breathing patterns and how they are connected to situations around you. Drift away from shallow short breathing patterns to long deep breaths. Change your state of mind by changing your negative thoughts into positive:

I am so stressed to I am so determined

I am so worried to I care so much

I am so afraid to I am so resilient

I don’t have the time I will create the time


By doing this for 21 days you will teach your mind to trigger positive thoughts when these emotions kick in. Remember you are always in control of your emotions and the actions triggered.

If you are interested in learning more about breathing techniques I invite you to delve into the different yogic breathing techniques /Pranayama. I personally love Bhramari Pranayama (Humming Bee Breath). Please contact us if you want to know more!

Stay yourself!

Warms Regards,

Breakthrough Resources

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