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Every decision you make will impact everything.

Is there a right choice out there?

What does a modern family look like?

Mum working and Dad staying at home with the kids?

Dad working and Mum staying at home with the kids?

Mum and Dad both working and children are with the nanny?

Both parents working from home and the kids are a joint responsibility?

Grandparents look after the kids and the parents both work?

Divorced parents, living with one parent and their partner?

Living with stepfamilies from different parents?


Family Planning

If we deconstruct some of the scenarios above, the impact on the family members can be remarkably different. At Breakthrough Resources, we believe that families should understand the different options for family planning on a detailed level.

Whichever option you decide will impact your full family's life forever, and quite often people suffer and struggle as a result of feeling like there was no time to make a decision, but this is not true.

My Life

When I was a child it was very much the tradition for Dad to be at work with Mum staying at home with the kids. My Dad was overworked, stressed, frustrated and probably wishing my Mum would contribute to the finances. Mum was overworked with the kids, feeling isolated, feeling lonely and probably wished my Dad would help more with the cooking, the children and was more supportive.

The impact of my parent’s decision was the best option for them at the time and I did not come out so bad, but it's worth exploring “what if”.

Imagine a life where I had spent more time with my Dad and less time with my Mum. Maybe I would have finally understood Maths and Science, maybe I would have learned routine and focus, maybe I would have loved reading books ( all above skills my Dad has in abundance ).

Imagine if my parents had got divorced and I only got to spend 1 day per week with my Dad. Quite possibly there could be a whole new layer of complexity to my family life.

The exercise of exploring “potential” models for family life is healthy, and I would recommend all parents to constantly question their decisions and the options they have. One of our mantras at Breakthrough Resources is “there is no such thing as a wrong decision”. Life can be changed in a heartbeat.



Fill in the following blanks.

Past- Relations

  1. When I was growing up I spent ____ hours of weekdays with my Mother

  2. When I was growing up I spent ____ hours of weekdays with my Father

  3. When I was growing up I spent ____ hours of weekdays with my grandparents

Present - Relations

  1. Currently, I spend ____ hours with my wife/husband/partner

  2. Currently, I spend ____ hours with my children

  3. Currently, I spend ___ hours with my friends/colleagues

Present - Self Development

  1. I currently spend ____hours of my time learning new things, studying courses, reading, workshops.

  2. I currently spend ____ hours of my time exercising.

  3. I currently spend ____ hours of my time at work.


The purpose

This task is not going to give you a crystal ball into the future or is not going to fix your past, but the aim of this exercise is to analyse the numbers and to think about how these numbers may have affected the person you have become the challenges you have faced, and the success you have achieved.

Breakthrough Resources is a data-driven company. When you see life through numbers, we then have the opportunity to explore how we would plan for the future using a different approach.

Our approach

We are developing a revolutionary method for family planning which is part of our coaching sessions that we offer to families and couples.

Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more about it!

Warm Regards,

Breakthrough Resources

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