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Most people tend to think that confusion is something terrible for the human intellect, or that it is something that degrades thinking. That's why we always try to avoid confusion when solving a problem, but the truth is that confusion can be a very useful tool to discover the truth about what we believe. When we encounter something that simply does not suit us, confusion often appears, and this often makes us think about whether we really want that.

It is important to know how to be in control during the emergence of confusion since there is a positive and negative control. These differ because one is certain and the other is not. Positive control makes sense, it is predictable and accurate. A negative control, on the other hand, is variable and unpredictable and therefore has no certainty: a person with certainty versus a person with uncertainty.

Now, confusion can be recognized as a random factor that is out of control. Only those people who can have some control over that factor will be able to handle confusion correctly. While they may not have control over it, they will only become more and more confused.

Knowing and understanding confusion can be a time-consuming task, but although it may seem strange and meaningless, confusion is a common denominator for reflecting again on everything we consider good or bad in our lives. That is why it is important to learn to master confusion and use it to our advantage so that it becomes something constructive.

Learn To Use Confusion as a Starting Point for Making New Decisions

If we know how to take advantage of the confusion, it can serve as a starting point for our creativity. When we have confusion we should think, what if... how it would be if... by asking yourself questions like these, you can develop new ideas and skills for something special and innovative.

When we start asking these kinds of questions and find answers and new solutions, we learn to destroy confusion. Looking at it from another point of view, it's like if many particles are in motion, we stop one while we see the behaviour of the others in relation to it, and this allows us to reduce the confusion we have. By having one as a starting point, we can align all the others, so that we can transform the confusion into new ideas.

One example where we can see the confusion that many young people face is when they start looking for a job. They often think that they can get and keep a job, and they keep that as a stable fact. But after they get the job they might get fired in a short time, making the confusion in the world of work even worse. When they keep the same pattern of thinking that they can get and keep a job, then there is likely to be a lot of confusion in their working life. A better way of thinking would be: "I understand life and jobs, so I can get, keep and improve them."

Always welcome in confusion because it is an opportunity for introspection and potential empowerment.

Stay yourself!

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