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At some point in our professional life, the opportunity or need to have a promotion in our work may arise. Most employees in any company always have a vision of where they want to be in the next few years of their careers. The reasons why we yearn for a higher position can be many; more income, more reputation, recognition, etc. However, there are certain aspects that we must consider when we require a promotion from our job.

Identify and Evaluate Your Current Job

Before we get our hopes up about getting a promotion at work, we must understand why we are currently doing that work. We need to identify whether we really like our job or the sector in which we do it, and also whether we want to stay there for the rest of our professional career.

Know Your Value and the Areas Where You Are Good At

We must also evaluate ourselves and understand the value we bring to the company, as well as the areas in which we can excel most. Once we are clear about that, our performance in the company will be better, and we can be quickly highlighted. Knowing the areas we are good at can give us a competitive advantage and allow our work to be recognized.

Identify Your Values and Those of the Company You Work

This should be taken into account before you start any work. It is necessary to know if our values are aligned with those of our workplace. A company that maintains harmony between its values and those of its employees can create a better work environment and allow outstanding workers to stand out and be noticed efficiently. We must be in tune with the company's values so that we can work with motivation, knowing that what we do is in accordance with the company's ethics.

Know Your Goals and What You Must Do To Achieve Them

When we are looking to progress in our career, we must set achievable goals and know what we can do to achieve them. We must know what we must do in order to be promoted from our current position to where we want to be in the future (learning new skills, connect to people...). It is important to keep the vision where we want to be, but without forgetting where we are now and how we can achieve that promotion. A very powerful method to set up a clear and easy-to-follow strategy is the kaizen approach.

Establish a Plan

The best way to progress in our professional or work career is to make a plan. In order to develop this plan, we need to have a good understanding of the above aspects. We must know our abilities, establish short and long-term objectives, consider different options to reach them, and establish times for their fulfilment.

If you would like some guidance to make a plan for yourself, you can ask a professional to help you make it (like Breakthrough Resources). You just need to be aware and honest when considering all possible aspects and focus on what you want to achieve. This will allow you to be a better employee until you are considered for that promotion you want so much.

Here at Breakthrough Resources, we focus on the present and we help you develop a winning strategy to achieve your promotion or any goals you have in mind.

Stay Yourself!

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