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The core of the team is formed of a blend of professions: project managers, data analysts, psychologists, coaches, Ayurveda practitioners and architects.


At first, it can sound like a very bizarre team but let us explain how each profession contributes:


Project management: Expertise on managing numerous tasks at the same time organizing them in a way that makes sense to the people involved in the process and takes a project to success.

Data Analysis: Expertise in analysis trends, creating insights from raw data and resolving issues by using data.

Psychology: Expertise on the human mind and how to decode patterns of living and thinking.

Coaching: Expertise on a future-action-focused strategy based on the individual’s goal.

Ayurveda practitioner: Expertise on how to

understand the body, soul and mind and trigger the solutions we are seeking.

Architecture: Expertise on how the built environment -colors, clutter, sounds, smells, sizes…- affect people’s wellness and perspective on life (neuroscience). The external forces are always affecting our internal thoughts.


Our method

We have collaboratively created a process that ;


1) Is flexible enough to be tailored to any goal and any client.

2) 100% transparent where clients can be constantly checking their progress (no more professionals taking secret notes on a session about you!) .

3) Focused on future opportunity and progression instead of focusing on the past and problems (the past has one, let’s focus on how today’s actions will change your future).

4) Data-driven insights aligned to your progress.




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